Free for All: 11/27/13

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  1. Had F&F on for a few seconds and incase you did not know. That evil muslim socialist Kenyan Obama wants to move the U.S. Embassy at the Vatican to another building in Italy already housing U.S. officials because Obama hates Christians.

    We are also getting the conservative whine because the Obama administration wants to reform the 501(c)(4) tax rules regarding PAC groups.

  2. I. Hate. Moderation.

  3. Has anyone else had a YouTube video moderated? There was nothing in the URL that would’ve been a problem.

  4. Annnd there’s your shot at Martin Bashir. Who should have been fired before Baldwin had a chance to say what everyone knew he was going to say. Heckuva job, Griffin.

  5. “We promised the website would be ready at the end of November. We just didn’t say WHICH November…”

  6. Republicans are screwed when it comes to delays to ACA. It’s what they asked for, but they belittle it anyway. Brilliant.

  7. ^I think you misspelled “Democrats” in your last post. They told us for the past 3 years that any delay whatsoever was tantamount to racism and/or treason.

    Now they want delays to save their political bacon?!? Only if they’re accompanied with a 3-year recurring loop of “Ted Cruz was right. Sarah Palin was right. Rush was right. Hannity was right. Mitt Romney was right …” to make up for the times they said otherwise. Then, only then, we’ll consider your offer.

  8. “Turning to CBS reporter Lara Logan, who was recently suspended along with her 60 Minutes producer after airing a misleading and poorly sourced report on the Benghazi attacks, Kilmeade said he was “shocked.”
    “Very shocked,” Huckabee said. ”

    Really? They are shocked a correspondent who got her facts wrong got suspended?
    I doubt they would say the same thing if Logan’s report was about a conservative and she got her facts wrong.

  9. Ted Cruz offered no solution except defunding Obamacare and shutting down the government. Yeah that was a great plan.

  10. What’s shakin’, Kelly?

  11. Ice believes a MediaMatters story. How cute!!!

    At the end of the day, either through layoffs or “voluntary early retirement”, the fact is that 3,000 fewer people will be working at Cleveland Clinic.

  12. savefarris Says:

    Somehow, this headline only seems to crop up when the President has a D behind his name. Odd, that…

    Does anyone else remember the press promoting such a blase’ attitude from 2001-2009?

  13. savefarris Says:

    Oh Ezra: you make it too easy!

    I don’t really understand the logic of dumping this kind of bad news on holiday weekends.

  14. ^ In other words, acted the same as he has for 35 years, if a bit more “out”.

  15. Why are people still putting that guy on TV?

  16. I saw him do his act on MJ this morning. It and he were a little bit creepy.

  17. He can sell his DVD’s to his heart’s content, but cable news doesn’t need to be putting him on to climb over desks and cry about the First Lady. That’s just weird.

  18. I thought he was funny, but can see where some might view him as something of a gay minstrel. The President and Mrs may have friends who find him to be a bit much.

  19. I thought he was funny, but can see where some might view him as something of a g@y minstrel. The President and Mrs may have friends who find him to be a bit much.

  20. At 9pm CNN is on tape. Piers is talking to Mike Tyson.

    MSNBC is on tape. Steve Kornacki is subbing for Rachel and talking about how Obamacare is working in CA.

    FNC is live for you guessed it, an hour of Obama bashing.
    Once again Marc Thiessen is on as the first guest to bash Obama.
    Megyn can’t find any other guests? Marc Thiessen is on every night to bash Obama. At least mix up your Obama bashers.

  21. Testing moderation. Bonsai!

  22. CRAP! I forgot. But it worked!

  23. So, Dennis Miller on HBO goes, but not WKRP. Okey doke.

  24. Marc Thiessen is a self-styled “analyst” who thought torture was awesome and Obama was “inviting the next terror attack”. This was before that pesky killing of bin Laden, of course. So he’s an expert on health insurance now?

  25. Laura, is there music in the WKRP clip? That may have something to do with why it’s being censored.

  26. FNC still can’t get their website tv schedule right.

    Fox & Friends
    Hosted by Brian Kilmeade, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy

    Mornings are always a good time with friends! Join hosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy.”

  27. I thin ICE makes a good point re: Thiessen.

    There’s a real problem when you hear the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again.

    But to be honest, I feel like I’ve said that before… hmm… ironic.

  28. Richard Simmons has probably done more to help overweight people, mostly older women, find their lost happiness than all of these weight loss diets advertised on the the telly combined. Crying over being “rejected” is sort of his schtick and the people he’s helped get it. The man will help absolutely anyone who asks plus a few who don’t. Spent a lot of his own money rebuilding a neighbourhood in New Orleans after Katrina.

  29. Lighten up, Francis.

  30. First story on Special Report on Thanksgiving Day: Obamacare, with a lovely Darrell Issa clip. Those people are morons.

  31. Second story: Obamacare is anti-marriage.

  32. Third story: James Rosen debunks the “Obama hates the Catholics” story about the new Vatican Embassy. So there’s that.

  33. savefarris Says:

    Yes folks, they really were (and still are) this biased:

    Turns out he didn’t do either.

  34. savefarris Says:

    MSNBC’s new hire is gonna fit right in:

    Thanksgiving: because genocide is a lot more festive 392 years after the fact.

  35. You better keep your mouth shut or we are coming after you! So the guy who complains about his insurance getting cancelled gets audited but so does the guy who tried to help him!

    Obama and his IRS minions strike again!!!

  36. TJ Holmes in for chuck Todd today. I’m not sure why they didn’t give the slot to one of the many young guns they have waiting for a show but I Holmes is a safe news oriented sub when shopping and weather are really the only news being covered.

  37. He probably should have dropped it, but what else is there to do while flying?

  38. ^ It’s funny, but he lost me at “eat a d*ck”. He’s lucky all he got out of the deal was a face-slap.

  39. Tonight Megyn and Sean are doing the same taped audiecne shows.

    Friday on ‘The Kelly File’
    Tonight ‘Robbing Our Youth’ investigates the real fate of millennials amid economic and political struggles

    Friday on ‘Hannity’
    They are America’s future, but with our past financial and political pitfalls, can Millennials really change the present course of our country?

  40. Harris is hosting an “Obamacare sucks” edition of On The Record. Journalism!

  41. FNC doing a special live hour of Obamacare bashing at 7pm while CNN and MSNBC are on tape.

    Odd they have a news anchor Harris Faulkner subbing for Greta hosting an opinion show. Maybe it’s not that odd as she’s really sounding like a snarky conservative tonight.

    Marc Thiessen must be having Obama bashing withdrawal since Megyn was on tape Thursday and again tonight.

  42. Joe, what else would you expect from the Obama Care News Channel I mean FOX News Channel.
    Obamacare bashing does not get a holiday off.😛

  43. Gohmert! Click.

  44. I flipped over to Fox, hoping for real news instead of Bourdain. Silly me.

  45. Allen West is William F Buckley, compared to Louie Gohmert. If the repetitive nature of their programming doesn’t get you, the diversity of opinion will.

  46. Why is FNC Meteorologist Maria Molina on a Hannity audience panel show giving her political opinions?
    CNN and MSNBC do not have their Meteorologists giving opinions on political opinion shows.

  47. FNC has become a video loop.

  48. They’re never gonna learn. Right now we still have a country largely ambivalent to ACA to say the least, but FNC just keeps pounding and pounding. And they’re going to keep doing it until opposition to Obamacare is considered “a conservative thing”, and everyone else will start rallying behind the president. I don’t know why they don’t understand how this created polarization works.

  49. Next on FOX & Friends a family has to choose between their home phone or health insurance due to Obamacare.

    Of course that was a lie as the woman never said that in the interview.

    This is segment is comical as they over exaggerate showing the budget cuts a family has to make to pay their insurance premium.

    Meanwhile they do no segments on how republicans plan to fix Obamacare. All they do is bash bash bash.

    Not to mention FNC already did this family budget cuts due to Obamacare hit piece on Nov 25th on Megyn’s show.
    So now they are recycling guests to bash Obamacare.

  50. At least CNN does a real news program on weekends where they are actually reporting on and reporting the news. Their anchors are not bashing obamacare, making snarky jokes and laughing like the three RNC stooges on FNC.

  51. CBS THIS MORNNG weighs in today on all the problems facing ObamaCare having little to do with the website. Democrats can rejoice that bashing only makes them stronger. Low poll numbers give all kinds of opportunities to raise them. Republicans are doomed.

  52. This is what FNC believes is fair & balanced Obamcare coverage,

    At the top of the 3pm hour you have Gregg Jarrett saying “50,000 users at one time? That’s it?” as a response to Molly Henneberg’s report on the website improvements.

    As if we needed to know that Gregg Jarrett does not approve when it’s not his job to give opinions.

    Then in the next segment they have to start by playing the video of being offline on Nov 19th while Kathleen Sebelius is doing a photo op for no other reason except to be negative.

  53. Even viewed as the political campaign operation FNC is, I’m a little mystified at their approach to this. They’re going all in on the website being the problem with ACA, which presumes that everything will be fine if it starts working. This ignores the premise that ACA itself is The Bad Thing, and in fact sets it up as The Good Thing once everyone can easily sign up.

    Another unintended consequence of FNC’s incessant coverage is that “lots of people had little or no health insurance before” is becoming common knowledge, which is putting Republicans in the position of being expected to provide another way to cover everyone if ACA isn’t “the right way”. Interesting times…

  54. Joe, they are also also bashing Obamamcare.

    On F&F today they had a woman on who has to give up manicures and her hair stylist to play her families insurance premium.
    They also claimed the family had to give up their home phone when many people do that to save money and just have a cell phones.
    This family was covered in a report on Megyn’s show
    The video of the F&F segment was not posted by FNC.

    FNC just played the video of Kathleen Sebelius and the website being down again.
    Now it’s time for Gregg Jarrett and troll from the Daily Caller Jamie Weinstein to bash Kathleen Sebeliu Obamacare. Click.

  55. FNC take note snark free segment on Obamcare,

  56. Gregg Jarrett is not even trying to be an unbiased news anchor.
    The segment with Cal Thomas & Jehmu Greene just now on Obamacare was a joke as Jehmu Greene got interrupted by Jarrett while Cal Thomas was not.
    His anti Obama bias is unprofessional.

  57. State of The Union is live at 12pm on CNN covering the MTA train derailment in The Bronx, NY.
    Usually it’s all a rebroadcast of 9am.

    WCBS moved The NFL Today to its sister station WLNY to continue coverage.
    WNBC and WABC are also still live.

  58. Same old same old from conservatives. No plan except bash and mock Obamacare.
    Glad the guest and F&F hosts think it’s funny people can’t sign up for insurance.

  59. Ron Fournier ‏@ron_fournier
    @washingtonpost: News Alert: meets deadline for fixes, White House says/ Unfortunately, we can’t believe what WH says

    I love this guy. He was clearly in favor of “reform” in concept, but has savaged the Admin since it hit the fan.

  60. So, the RNC puts out a nice tweet about Rosa Parks, the usual Twitter suspects pick it apart, and that’s the RNC’s fault. Yeah, that’s fair.

  61. It’s not the RNC’s fault though it does push the narrative of the RNC being out of touch with reality.
    I’m sure if the DNC put out a similar tweet it would get comments from the usual suspects on the conservative side.

  62. Uh huh. Yeah, they failed to communicate the history of racism in one tweet, so that feeds a “narrative”. Because “narratives” occur out of thin air, and aren’t actually promoted by people who have an interest in them.

  63. Nothing honors Rosa Parks like liberals parsing someone else’s attempt to honor Rosa Parks.

  64. icemannyr Says:

    Checking the cable news subs today.
    Miguel Marquez on CNN this afternoon.
    T. J. Holmes on MSNBC this afternoon.

  65. * That was really great, until they ruined it with comments. Nah, it was still really great.

  66. icemannyr Says:

    What exactly is the Republicans plan besides them and FNC reveling in the failure that is the Obamcare roll out?

    FNC can do segments all day about the “Disastrous Obamcacare rollout”, have the hosts of FOX & Friends make snarky comments and jokes and have people on to say how bad Obamcare is,
    that does not change the fact that there are people like my self who still can’t pick a plan via and are going to pay double if I chose the plan my current insurance provider is moving me to in January.

    In the next elections Republicans are going to need more than keep saying Obamacare is a mess and we never wanted it.

    Where is their comprehensive plan to reform the AHA?

  67. “Where is their comprehensive plan to reform the AHA?”

    ^^It’s this plan Ice:
    1) “make snarky comments and jokes”
    2) “have people on to say how bad Obamcare is”
    3) “pay double if I chose the plan my current insurance provider is moving me to in January”
    4) blame Obama for them not having any plan

  68. You keep talking like it will make a difference if the Republicans have a plan or not. The Republicans had many ideas which (former senator)Jane Harmon said yesterday on Fox News Sunday should have been incorporated into the plan. And, oh yeah, (former senator) Evan Bayh also agreed with her. (Oh, that 20/20 hindsight!)

    Republicans now can talk about ideas until they are blue in the face and it won’t matter crap what those ideas are. The Senate will never take them up and the President would never sign anything even if it made it through both houses. So… what is your reason for asking for ideas? So the media can make fun of the ideas or ask stupidly where were those ideas when the bill was being developed?

    Please, this idea of getting Republican ideas is just a way to shift the focus off the FU this bill is.

  69. From the NY Times12/1/2013:

    “Insurers said they had received calls from consumers requesting insurance cards because they thought they had enrolled in a health plan through the federal website, but the insurers said they had not been notified.

    “Somehow people are getting lost in the process,” the insurance executive said. “If they go to a doctor or a hospital and we have no record of them, that will be very upsetting to consumers.” ”

    “In still other cases, insurers said, they have not been told how much of a customer’s premium will be subsidized by the government, so they do not know how much to charge the policyholder. ”

    The website is working just great according to the “government” of BHO! But, the payment system and actually connecting with the company you will be insured with – NOT SO MUCH!

  70. icemannyr Says:

    The War on Christmas is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “Tonight on ‘The Factor’
    Christmas under attack! Who is behind the movement to take down the holiday and what‘s really motivating them? Bill’s back with a can’t-miss investigation tonight on The O’Reilly Factor.”

    Sure Bill, people are going to “take down the holiday.” and we are no longer going to be able to celebrate Christmas.
    He must be spending to much time with Glenn Beck.

    Speaking of the far right loon,
    “Monday on ‘Hannity’
    Sean goes one-on-one with Glenn Beck, and you never know what will happen!”

  71. savefarris Says:

    “Where is their comprehensive plan to reform the AHA?”

    Given that Harry Reid and Obama have said there won’t be a single word changed in the ACA over their dead bodies, the plan is quite simple.

    #1: Elect a Republican-majority Senate in 2014.
    #2: Elect a Republican President in 2016.

    Any reform starts with those two steps.

  72. #3 — pass a bill that all current and future Presidents and their children have to use ObamaCare as their only health insurance.

  73. Is FNC encouraging their anchors to mock Obamacare with jokes and snarky comments?

    I don’t find any of this roll out mess funny or something their anchors should joke about.

  74. FOX News takes a break from Obamacare bashing for some Islamophobia,

  75. Jon Ralston ‏@RalstonReports
    That well-known conservative website, @ProPublica, destroys WH claim that http://healthcare(.)gov vastly improved.

  76. savefarris Says:

    I don’t find any of this roll out mess funny or something their anchors should joke about.

    Republicans have been dead right about every single thing in ObamaCare so far. And for their trouble, they were called racist bigots who want to see people die. So you’ll pardon if they engage in the tiniest bit of schadenfreude.

  77. Yesterday’s Stossel helped explain everything wrong with the native reserve system in Canada and also in America. They even invited a native chief from BC and how his reserve did so well (which is a minority). Strange I’ve NEVER seen the media in my country cover the poverty on native reserves in a way that actually explained why they’re that way or invite that chief onto to talk to them. The only thing they cover is the silly and uninformed ‘Idle No More’ movement (think Occupy Wall Street but with natives and taken over by the large labour unions). Another reason why I tune in to watch Stossel even if his libertarian views are a bit extreme to me.

  78. he’s a rare bird, going back to his ABC days

  79. ObamaCare has dug a deeper hole with lies than with the website.

  80. Using someone else’s tragedy for your political goals. Classy.

  81. ^ We know how big Thanksgiving is in his homeland. I wouldn’t worry about it.
    Andy Romano ‏@not_that_actor
    @brithume WARNING! 100s fake Obamacare web sites set up to steal ur personal info. Remember the REAL one is the one that DOESN’T work

  82. Surprised no one wanted to mention there’s a ‘newer’ HIV strain that causes AIDS even faster.

  83. savefarris Says:

    Remember when the press was all like “Hey, let’s ease up on this whole ‘Iraq is a disaster’ business. It’s only been 3 years, let’s give this war some time.”?

    Good times…

  84. Yes, as a matter of fact I do remember a press which took forever to start asking what the hell we were supposed to be accomplishing by invading the wrong country after 9/11.

  85. icemannyr Says:

    I don’t remember any anchors on CNN, FNC and MSNBC mocking bush over Katrina and WMD’s they way the FNC anchors mock Obama over Obamacare.

  86. savefarris Says:

    ^ your memory is, shall we say, selective.

  87. Wow! You REALLY have a selective memory! Especially in regards to Katrina. The crap Bush got when it was a mayor and governor that needed to act first. Everyone gave Bush crap daily because he didn’t call in the national guard. Any reporter/citizen worth their salt knows that the state folks have to make that call and not the President. “Civil authorities will remain the first responders. Moreover, if military support is needed, National Guard forces will be the first to step in when called by their state governor.” (Changes were made to the law in 2012 to make things easier for the feds to step in – well after Bush left office. Though the state officials are still first in line to make the call.)

    How about Bush being blamed for all those school buses sitting under water in New Orleans? That was Ray Nagin’s gig, not Bush’s fault and yet he was called out on it daily! Nagin could have gotten a lot more people out and he didn’t act when he should have. Nagin waited until the hurricane was a Category 5 before he called for a MANDATORY evacuation. (“Nagin said late Saturday that he’s having his legal staff look into whether he can order a mandatory evacuation of the city, a step he’s been hesitant to do because of potential liability on the part of the city for closing hotels and other businesses. “Come the first break of light in the morning, you may have the first mandatory evacuation of New Orleans,” Nagin told WWL-TV.”) Before that he only called for a voluntary evacuation. Not Bush’s call to make!

    So.. if this President is getting grief for his actions – BIG DEAL! He’s a big boy – he just has a thin skin and hasn’t been used to criticism, mocking, nastiness, being called a liar, whatever until now.

  88. icemannyr Says:

    Don’s 11pm was live with 1 topic for two segments, Colorado allowing recreational marijuana use and the last segment was the Paul Walker crash.
    Brooke’s 11:30pm is a taped best of the days news. She is doing the show from NYC.
    Nether show is interesting enough to be a regular series.

  89. The more sophisticated websites – financial services like my credit union, for example – have a routine built in to prevent errors on refresh. As a matter of fact, so does Word Press. Doesn’t always work right, but I’ve gotten that “You’ve already posted this” message a few times.

    You’d think the healthcare website would be more robust considering it’s the federal government and the fortune that’s been spent on it. But its not – old news.

  90. I just now tried. Didn’t get a message, just wouldn’t let me duplicate the post.

  91. “It could take a year to secure the risk of “high exposures” of personal information on the federal Obamacare online exchange, a cybersecurity expert told CNBC on Monday.

  92. Programming suggestion: If you’re going to call your show “ICYMI” (barf), maybe you shouldn’t lead the show with a story that we’ve been hearing all day.

  93. It’s just a website, and one of the fed’s first full service ones at that. Odd to me that there’s so much focus on their web design and why it was created this way in the first place. We can’t even file our taxes using an IRS website… you can download forms and search for refund details, things like that but to actually file you have to use an approved third-party access… so it seems a bit strange that the healthcare system wasn’t set up similarly.

  94. Megyn takes her Obama bashing to the Tonight Show.
    Mo 12/9: Simon Cowell, Megyn Kelly, MS MR.

  95. Obama bashing seems to be welcomed everywhere.

  96. I like Brooke Baldwin, but yeah..terrible name, not a very good show.

  97. — It’s just a website —

    Titanic was just a cruise that ended poorly.

  98. It’s just an iceberg. They’re quite common in the North Atlantic during certain months of the year. It’s a big ship and certainly mighty, but no good captain would sail blindly among them at full steam ahead. Why not slow down, steer a different course?

    Because that’s what happens when those in charge overestimate what their mighty creations can withstand and underestimate just how nearly impossible it is to avoid the disaster that their reckless decisions cause. And I mean after the damn website is fixed.

  99. The trick is to find a better captain on a smarter course. So far all we have is “never should’ve sailed, let’s not sail anymore”. That’s not an “idea”.

  100. But that’s not what we have, that’s your straw-man version of what we have. Best thing I see Republicans doing right now is to just let it burn. It’s all yours: You bought it.

  101. I do enjoy the idea that it’s our job to bail you guys out of the mess that you willfully put yourselves (and the country) in. “Daddy Party” indeed.

  102. It’s already too late so doesn’t much matter what is done right now. American healthcare was like an old house in desperate need of refurbishing by competent and honourable craftsmen. Some of the rooms needed to be gutted out, for sure, and new fixtures installed throughout.

    ACA is like the crew brought in to do a quick flip without much concern for building codes and safety. Instead of rewiring the whole place, the new copper wires were installed only where they can be seen. Behind the newly painted drywall they’re tied-in to the old knobbing tubing that will start a fire some day. And instead of carefully plumbing the pipes for the new bathroom, buried beneath that beautiful new ceramic tile are sawed-through beams upon which the weight of the entire house rests. It’ll take a few years but inevitably it’ll all come crashing down.

  103. I’m not “you guys”. I’ve explained this a hundred times.

  104. Walks like a duck.

  105. I’ve also explained that the Republican Party is going to need a better idea than NO! if they ever want to win another presidential election. The overriding principle they represent at present is “things are fine, quit trying to fix it”. A majority of voters don’t see it that way, and they’re going to keep picking candidates who seem to be trying.

  106. Yeah, we’ll get right on taking your helpful “advice”, while forgetting that you also ignore any ideas that are actually presented. Aside from that, I’m sure that people will keep ignoring the results of all the “fixes” of the last five years, and keep voting for more. It sure looks that way in the midterms.

  107. “Lower taxes, less regulation” is not an idea, it’s pablum which mostly appeals to the base who already have money and health care. This’ll get the GOP through a midterm – especially in a lame-duck second term presidency – but it’s useless in a general. The Republican Party and rightwing media are currently headed by douchebags who don’t give a damn about the world outside their little bubble, and that world knows it.

  108. savefarris Says:

    “Lower taxes, less regulation” is not an idea, it’s pablum

    Brought to you by “Hope and Change”.

  109. Them guys strike out blindly at Republicans because that’s all they got. Nobody terrified about their shattered health care are anything but angry at the creators and their exposed lying tactics. Liberalism is the diabetes of government.

  110. ZUCKER, “The goal for the next six months, is that we need more shows and less newscasts.”

  111. — Lower taxes, less regulation —

    Brought to you by the person who doesn’t listen, in favor of his straw-man. Meanwhile, find me the Democrat in ’16 who won’t have to answer for The Great Democratic “Fix” of Healthcare. Worry about your own house, sweetie.

  112. I’ll worry about whichever house I choose to worry about. The GOP “autopsy” after Romney was that the party needed to change in order to regain the presidency. It hasn’t changed a lick. They have no ideas beyond the folks already doing well continuing to rake it in; and to hell with everyone else, especially the poor and minorities. Good luck with that.

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