No More Shuster?

My home system is still down but this can’t wait. Gail Shister writes on TVNewser that David Shuster may have seen his last day on MSNBC…

In the past, MSNBC reps have been downright temperate in their official reactions to Shuster’s mishaps. This time, however, they’ve taken a giant step – for MSNBC, anyway — beyond temperate. If Shuster is guilty, he will “be punished appropriately.”

At this point, “appropriately” may mean keeping Shuster off the air and eating the remainder of his contract. Anything less “sends a message from management that this is OK,” says an MSNBC executive, speaking on condition of anonymity. “It’s just ridiculous.”

11 Responses to “No More Shuster?”

  1. This is the second in how many weeks? First Craig Crawford and now Shuster. I can’t say I blame either one of them for wanting to move to a better working environment. I point to this comment –

    If Shuster is guilty, he will “be punished appropriately.”

    “be punished appropriately” It’s cable news – how serious do these networks take themselves? When does MSNBC start being ran like a business?

    I don’t care for David Shuster’s political bias but if he is trying to escape from someone who thinks they have the right to “punish” anyone, I commend him for “Escaping”

  2. Monica Novinty was on at 10amet and Ed Shultz was on at 3pmet so looks like it

  3. Here’s an idea:

    MSNBC should hire a real news anchor.

    Ed Schultz is a partisan hack/talk radio host. Why the hell was he anchoring news coverage? I don’t get it. The execs at MSNBC must be even denser than I thought.

  4. joeremi Says:

    The execs at MSNBC must be even denser than I thought.

    Never undersetimate a ‘suit’.

  5. It’s pretty simple. MSNBC is doing whatever it can to expose Big Ed to its viewers no matter how many journalistic rules they break in the process. I think it’s pathetic.

  6. joeremi Says:

    Who’s the genius that thinks ‘Big Ed’ is a TV star? That genius was wrong about Shuster, too..

  7. Thing is, I saw Schultz do breaking news once, and he wasn’t half-bad. Maybe I’m nuts (shhh), and maybe I wasn’t paying enough attention, but he might be ok if not for the day-job. Minor detail, I know..

  8. bonnieux Says:

    For me, I would hate to see David Schuster go. I like his style and besides, MSNBC needs him. Have watched him every chance I get. He is a good reporter. I know at times he gets himself in trouble, but am hoping it is not “fini” for Mr. Schuster.

    As for Mr. Schultz, he is great, just what MSNBC and the Dems need.

    MSNBC is my station of choice.

  9. You have ideological reasons for wanting to keep Shuster. But your reasons for keeping him are the reasons I want him off dayside news. Give him a primetime show and let him run wild there…

    Not likely to happen though given this mess…I think he’s probably toast.

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