Spin (Out Of) Control…

Brian Stelter writes on CNN Mondy about the latest tactic in the PR war between FNC and Dish…

Rarely, if ever, does a channel owner accuse a distributor of “censorship” — but that’s what O’Reilly says, and what Fox’s web site about the dispute says.

“Don’t let DISH censor YOUR news,” it asserts. “Contact a new TV provider directly to save you time and frustration.”

Uh…kind of hard to credibly throw the word censorship around when you’re the one who yanked your channels off Dish in the first place. Actually, it’s hard to credibly throw the word censorship around at all in a free market economy that is entirely governed by dollars and cents. And with that, this dispute has officially entered Weather Channel territory…

10 Responses to “Spin (Out Of) Control…”

  1. FNC might have a case if all the distributors banned FNC and FBN; but there are lots of ways to get your Fox fix other than Dish.

    The ad (literally) screaming censorship shows that maybe Fox News is getting a bit worried that many of those missing viewers may start watching ‘The Blaze’ and not return when the dispute is settled. It also says that many of it’s Dish viewers are complaining to Fox but, unsurprisingly, not going through the major hassle of changing providers.

    I assume next up for FNC in their anti-Dish campaign will be accusations that Dish brass are big time liberal Obama supporters and that this is all Obama’s way of silencing Fox News.

  2. I signed up with dish today. do i miss fox..nope. i don’t watch cable “news” period! The majority of folks in the us don’t watch cable “news”.

  3. Then what on earth are you doing commenting on a cable news blog if you don’t watch cable news?

  4. It’s typical FNC behavior: Make up their own version of a story, then whine like schoolgirls about it. Dish is a business which is not required to carry Fox News. If you don’t work out a contract with them, your precious little channel doesn’t air there. This has nothing to do with censorship, and O’Reilly is smart enough to know better. Fox made him look like an idiot.

  5. I’ll note that Megyn didn’t use the word since, as an attorney, she might actually know what it means.

  6. She didn’t, but she still looks ridiculous pretending that someone took poor Fox away, as if they aren’t 50% of the negotiation process. They’re using opinion hosts – and in Megyn’s case, an Election Night anchor – in a negotiation tactic to pimp FNC’s line . You stay classy, Fox News.

  7. Oh, I totally agree. I have fond memories of the days when conservatives took great joy in disabusing people of the notion that they were being “censored”‘, unless the government was directly involved. Which it never was.

  8. commonsensedude Says:

    Does cheese go with that whine?

  9. FNC is trying to get premium pricing on the basis of its prominent ratings level. The longer it takes to reach an agreement means the lower that premium will be negotiated down.

    Credibility? If that was a concern you wouldn’t often see “Fox News Alert” plastered across the screen about something that happened yesterday… or sometimes last year.

  10. The commercial on DISH I saw just a little while ago showed more emotion than I have ever seen from Greta. If she seemed that passionate on her show, I actually might watch. Oh wait, never mind… Erin Burnett is on that hour.

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